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Since childhood, most of us are taught how to take care of our physical health and maintain hygiene, but is the importance of our mental health stressed upon as much? Learning how our mind works, has been a long journey but an interesting one. I am a young mental health advocate and completed my BA. Hons. Psychology from York University, Keele campus. I am a trained clinical hypnotherapist from Indian Hypnosis Academy (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council(UK) and International Hypnosis Federation(USA), F.M.Sc. London) and a personal developmental coach. Life is overwhelming and it is okay, to not be okay. We are conditioned to continue living our lives with heaviness in our chest, hiding our pain from the world and ourselves. It is okay to feel messed up, it does not mean that you are defective or less than, rather it means, being human. Mental health is not a destination but rather, a lifelong journey. I believe people start to heal as soon as they are heard, and I am here to listen. If your mental load gets too heavy, share it. Lastly, how can I be of help?

Flowers Against Brick Wall
A little Note :)

This is a safe place. All we provide here, is unconditional positive regard. No one gets judged, no matter who you are and what you do. If you choose me as your healer, I will help you to connect with yourself better which will alleviate you to lead a more happy and satisfactory life. I believe in you. You will make it!

Sending you positive energy,



Jan 2018- May 2022

BA Hons. Psychology at York University 


Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

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